Tacoma DUI Lawyer

If you have been arrested for DUI in Washington state, you are probably in shock. You may be hoping that the whole thing could somehow go away. While the response is understandable, it can cause you to delay taking action.

At The Law Offices of Smith and White, PLLC, our DUI lawyers know the challenges you are facing. We have helped hundreds of people deal with DUI arrests. We can also help you:

  • Protect your driver's license or CDL so you can keep working
  • Deal with auto insurance and ignition interlock issues in a reasonable way
  • Collect evidence to challenge the state's case against you
  • Shepherd you through the Washington state DUI process

Whether this is the first time you have been arrested for DUI or you have been charged with felony DUI for multiple offenses, we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case. With office in Tacoma, our lawyers handle DUI cases throughout western Washington state, Pierce County, King County and the Puget Sound area.

If You Have Been Arrested for DUI, Time Is Not on Your Side

Time is not on the side of a person arrested for DUI. Every day that goes by may be a missed opportunity to collect evidence that could result in dismissal of the charges or reduction to a less serious offense such as reckless driving. For example, video evidence that can prove the police office did not follow proper procedure when administering the Breathalyzer may be recorded over.

If you fail to hire a DUI lawyer to represent you at your hearing with the Washington Department of Licensing (DOL), not only will your driver's license be automatically suspended, you will also miss a chance to find out how strong or weak the state's case may be. Witnesses who could back up your case may move out of the area or their memories may fade.

Months can pass between your arrest and your first court appearance. However, that doesn't mean that your case has "fallen through the cracks." Your DUI defense case won't go away. All that will go away is an opportunity to prepare the strongest possible defense.

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